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How to Sell Your House in Florida


Selling a house can be a complex affair. To you, all you probably want is to sell and get the most out of your sale. On the other hand, buyers want to get the best value for money; hence, they would be looking out for the best home at the cheapest price. Not only that, but they want the process to be legally safe as real estate business is a big deal. It becomes important that you follow some due process so that you’re not on the losing side. In this blog post, you will get insight into some useful tips on how to sell your house in Florida.

1.     Hire a Florida realtor

Approximately 90% of home sellers hire real estate agents to help out with their home sale.  Having experienced hands on deck brings speed and efficiency to the table. A good Florida real estate agent can help set an appropriate price, tell you how best to update your home to increase its value, hold showings, and negotiate with buyers and closing agents on your behalf. Going it all alone can be extremely stressful for you.

2.     Set an appropriate price

If you want to sell fast, you may want to sell at a lower price. But then you’d be losing. On the other hand, an overpriced house will scare prospective buyers away. Homebuyers usually research the market price of the kind of house they need, so you would have to do your own research to not overprice or underprice your home.

3.     Know when to sell

If you’re putting your house on a listing such as Zillow, then it’s best to do that on Thursdays* (hyperlink the blog “best time to sell a house in 2021). That is because home buyers tend to check out homes on weekends, so you have a better chance to show up when they come looking. Yearly, the best time to sell your house in November and December (hyperlink the same blog).

4.     Acknowledge that it’s no longer your home

You don’t want a prospective buyer to come and see your home with all the clutter and family photographs. No, you want them to see a house ready for them to move into. So take your emotions out and take those things away.

5.     Improve the value by making repairs

Faulty sinks are only going to reduce the price of your home. You want your buyer to be wowed at how fresh and functional the home is so that they’re ready to pay whatever you tell them (this rarely happens, but it sure helps).

6.     Make a deep clean by hiring a professional cleaner

There are some areas difficult for you to clean, such as baseboards, ceiling corners, toilet, and kitchen. And how good every part of your home looks matters a great deal, especially kitchens and toilets. Many buyers rush to check them out immediately after they arrive for the showing. You will find the cleaning fee pay so worth it later.

7.     Prepare for the showing

Now, for the serious part. The showing is your chance to advertise your home to an audience, to make them imagine themselves living in the property. So it is crucial you prepare for and conduct an open house event that speaks to their deep emotions. If a professional realtor is doing this for you, then all the better. Take to their advice and remove clutter. It’s advisable to leave the rooms empty since objects may make spaces seem smaller.

For the legal requirements to sell a house in Florida, check out this blog post* (hyperlink “legal requirements to sell a house in Florida.)

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