How to Prepare for A House Showing

Now that you’re looking to sell your house is the time to put it at its best. No, it doesn’t mean you have to furnish or decorate it to attract prospective home buyers. In fact, that’s way far from it.

Your house showing event is where you invite people to come have a look at your house if it appeals to them. And for it to appeal to them, they need to be able to envision it as their home. Preparing your house, therefore, involves a lot of cleaning. But that’s not all.

Here’s a to-do list on how to prepare your house for a showing.

Create a good first impression with curb appeal

The first impression the buyer has of your house will greatly influence their decision. As they approach your home, they need to see the exterior at its best. A home looks far better when a beautiful environment surrounds it.

So be sure to mow the lawn, shovel the driveway, trim the flowers and shrubs; just make your curb look great.

1.     Deep clean

Now they have to get inside. You want to make sure the entire home looks neat, but this is not all about cleaning the floors, furniture, and ceilings. Check overlooked areas like the window sill, kitchen countertops, toilet, and fireplace. Ensure everything is sparkling clean. Also empty the trashcan.

2.     Declutter

Remember that too many objects in the room make it much smaller than it actually is. So you wouldn’t want to leave any odd items littering the place. Be sure to pick out shoes, unused blankets, and any other material lying oddly and store them away.

3.     Your closets matter

You won’t be present during your house showing, so the prospective buyer has 100% freedom to check wherever they like. And one place they go to is your closet. They want to know if there’s enough space for them to store their things up. So if you’re tempted to throw away clutter into your closet, that’s a temptation from the devil himself.

Neatly arrange all the shoes and whatever you keep in your closet so that there’s more than enough room. If the closet is filled up, the viewer can’t see the available space, and it gives a wrong impression that the place is smaller than it really is.

4.     Pay special attention to the kitchen and toilet

Now, kitchens and toilets are some of the first two places prospective buyers check out when they arrive. They want to know if the place is spacious, functional, and clean. So it’s essential you take special care in cleaning and decluttering these parts.

Arrange all kitchen utensils neatly, and scrub the sink to remove every stain and oil. These places are usually very dirty.

Your refrigerator’s body should be clear of stickers. The vanity should also be sparkling and free of clutter. As to your bathroom, ensure the tub or shower sparkles as well and the linen in the closet is well arranged. No one wants to go into an untidy home.

5.     Ensure the smell is right

The smell of your home can turn on or set off your prospect. If it smells bad because of the food you just finished cooking, they don’t want to know if the smell is temporary. They just wouldn’t picture themselves living in such a place. Hence, you have to use the right deodorant that’s pleasant to virtually everyone.

6.     Remove family photos

I’ll emphasize again: one important tactic on how to sell your house (link to the blog “how to sell your house in Florida) is to enable your prospective buyer to envision the home as theirs. So you should take out your personal stuff like family photographs and artwork from the walls and cupboard.

7.     Walk in their shoes

The best way to understand how someone feels is to step into their shoes. After making all the preparation, walk around your home as if you were the buyer. Check each nook and cranny and see if anything is out of place. If something looks bad to you, it most likely will look bad to the buyer. So you have to make corrections and go over it again. It’s so worth it in the long run.

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