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Best places to buy house in Florida 2021

The 10 Best Places To Buy A House In Florida For 2021Using science and data, we can tell you which places in Florida have seen home prices rising and people flocking over the past year.

Editor’s note: This is not investment advice and we are not financial advisers. Article updated for 2021.

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10 Best Cities To Buy A Home In Florida

Detailed Top Ten Cities

How We Calculated The Ranking

Ranking Table

There’s a the age old question everyone thinks about when they decide to move to a city in Florida:

Should I buy a place or rent? Well, we aren’t here today to solve that problem for you exactly. We are just assuming you’ll do the right thing and a buy a place. And while we are happy to tell you the best place to live in Florida, this analysis is going to tackle the question of the best place to buy a house as an investor. That is we are going to try and determine the up and coming cities in the Sunshine State.

To do that we are going to look at places in Florida that are growing faster than average, but where home prices are below average. In every day terms, the “deals”. The best deal in Florida at the moment? That would be Flagler Beach according to our analysis.

Here’s a look at the top ten places to buy a home in Florida for 2021.

The 10 Best Places To Buy A Home In Florida For 2021

  1. Flagler Beach
  2. South Pasadena
  3. LaBelle
  4. Kenneth City
  5. Valparaiso
  6. South Bay
  7. Starke
  8. Fellsmere
  9. Okeechobee
  10. Surfside

The 10 Best Cities To Buy A House In Florida For 2021

  1. Flagler Beach

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 5,002
Median Home Price: $304,600
Population Change: 1.1%
Home Price Change: 16.8%
More on Flagler Beach: Homes For Sale | Data

  1. South Pasadena

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Population: 5,088
Median Home Price: $175,700
Population Change: 0.3%
Home Price Change: 4.8%
More on South Pasadena: Homes For Sale | Data

  1. Labelle

Source: Wikipedia User Ebyabe | CC BY-SA 3.0

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Population: 5,106
Median Home Price: $95,300
Population Change: 0.6%
Home Price Change: 23.0%
More on Labelle: Photos | Homes For Sale | Data

  1. Kenneth City

Source: Public Domain

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Population: 5,127
Median Home Price: $152,800
Population Change: 2.2%
Home Price Change: 5.2%
More on Kenneth City: Homes For Sale | Data

  1. Valparaiso

Source: Wikipedia User Skye Marthaler | CC BY-SA 4.0

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Population: 5,145
Median Home Price: $224,800
Population Change: 2.2%
Home Price Change: 5.5%
More on Valparaiso: Photos | Homes For Sale | Data

  1. South Bay

Source: Wikipedia User Ebyabe | GFDL

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 5,158
Median Home Price: $83,100
Population Change: 0.8%
Home Price Change: 1.1%
More on South Bay: Photos | Homes For Sale | Data

  1. Starke

Source: Wikipedia User Michael Rivera | CC BY-SA 4.0

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 5,393
Median Home Price: $97,900
Population Change: 0.3%
Home Price Change: 13.3%
More on Starke: Homes For Sale | Data

  1. Fellsmere

Source: Wikipedia User Ebyabe | GFDL

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 5,625
Median Home Price: $108,500
Population Change: -0.1%
Home Price Change: 8.4%
More on Fellsmere: Photos | Homes For Sale | Data

  1. Okeechobee

Source: Wikipedia User No machine-readable autho | GFDL

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 5,724
Median Home Price: $113,700
Population Change: 1.5%
Home Price Change: 4.1%
More on Okeechobee: Photos | Homes For Sale | Data

  1. Surfside

Source: Wikipedia User | GFDL

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 5,725
Median Home Price: $625,500
Population Change: -1.6%
Home Price Change: 7.5%
More on Surfside: Photos | Homes For Sale | Data

How do you determine the best places to buy a home in Florida for 2021?

We were in real estate for almost five years and have been working on this site for another three. Suffice is to say, we’ve put a lot of thought into what goes into finding a good place to buy a home.

So all that thinking has come to this moment where we get to spell out how we’d approach finding an up-and-coming place to live in Florida. Put differently, the analysis will try to find places in Florida with undervalued homes relative to pent up demand.

Best Places To Raise A Family In Florida

To do that we looked at the most recent American Community Survey Census data for 2015-2019 and compared it to the previous vintage (2012-2016). Specifically, we used the following criteria:

  • Y-o-Y Change In Population (People want to live here)
  • Y-o-Y Change In Median Home Prices (People are willing to pay for it)
  • Home Prices Relative To The State Average (It’s still kinda cheap)

We want places that are growing, have seen home prices increase in recent years, and are still “cheap” for Florida with the following caveats:

So of the 0 cities and towns in Florida, only 220 places made it through our initial filters to even be considered.

We then ranked each place from 1 to 220 for the criteria mentioned above with 1 being the best for that criteria. We averaged the rankings to create a “best place to buy” index with the place having the lowest index being the best. You can download the data here.

Turns out that Flagler Beach is the best potential gem in the not-so-rough in the Sunshine State.

Read on for more on these places.

There You Have It – The Best Places To Purchase A House In Florida for 2021

There’s our analysis of the best places to buy a house in Florida. And, to be clear, we aren’t necessarily saying these places are the best places to live, just that it looks like they might be in a couple of years based on the data.

In fact, every place in the following table meets our criteria, so even though it may not look super long, remember we started off with all 0 places in the state.

So if we’d could rent or buy in these cities, we’d definitely buy.

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Detailed List Of The Best Places To Buy A Home In Florida

CityRankMedian Home PricePopulation ChangeHome Price Increase
Flagler Beach1$304,6001.1%16.8%
South Pasadena2$175,7000.3%4.8%
Kenneth City4$152,8002.2%5.2%
South Bay6$83,1000.8%1.1%
Lake Alfred12$142,7004.0%22.1%
Bay Harbor Islands13$362,300-1.3%-7.1%
High Springs15$167,8001.8%8.4%
Fort Meade17$77,9001.5%4.1%
Defuniak Springs19$121,7003.5%-6.9%
Gulf Breeze20$371,6002.6%9.3%
Pembroke Park23$84,4000.8%-0.1%
Treasure Island25$382,2000.2%0.6%
Live Oak26$110,6000.0%24.7%
St. Augustine Beach29$415,4000.7%6.5%
Belle Isle30$321,7002.1%2.8%
Fort Myers Beach31$448,1001.2%12.8%
Neptune Beach32$401,0000.3%5.1%
Dade City33$106,3002.2%11.8%
Longboat Key35$740,5000.7%2.7%
West Miami39$335,8005.6%10.5%
Fruitland Park40$228,20018.9%27.6%
Southwest Ranches41$641,8000.5%2.2%
Green Cove Springs42$189,5003.7%19.1%
North Bay Village44$331,500-0.5%13.0%
Indian Harbour Beach46$296,6000.8%9.9%
Lake Park47$201,4000.0%16.3%
Palm Beach49$1,177,1000.6%2.4%
Orange Park50$180,8000.6%8.4%
St. Pete Beach52$462,5000.2%11.2%
Cape Canaveral56$244,9001.0%8.2%
Miami Shores58$558,700-2.0%9.1%
Avon Park59$70,3000.7%2.8%
Satellite Beach60$300,2001.4%10.2%
Lighthouse Point61$538,7000.8%2.0%
Cocoa Beach63$318,0000.7%3.9%
Florida City65$153,100-1.4%6.8%
Orange City66$116,6004.7%16.3%
South Miami67$569,300-1.3%7.7%
Lake City68$106,8000.7%-3.3%
Holly Hill69$105,6000.9%9.1%
Fernandina Beach71$333,9002.5%5.5%
Wilton Manors72$326,6000.8%2.4%
Panama City Beach73$243,3000.5%6.1%
South Daytona74$146,8001.1%18.1%
Key Biscayne75$1,211,000-1.1%-0.6%
North Palm Beach76$328,1001.0%10.6%
Atlantic Beach77$362,3001.3%2.5%
Mount Dora81$244,1002.0%0.5%
Miami Springs82$410,400-1.6%6.0%
St. Augustine83$271,0002.1%3.9%
West Park87$174,8000.6%7.4%
Lady Lake89$146,3002.0%5.8%
Lake Wales92$167,4001.9%14.0%
New Port Richey95$87,5001.7%13.8%
Lake Mary96$320,1002.1%8.1%
Vero Beach98$259,8001.8%1.4%
Safety Harbor100$268,8000.8%8.8%

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