Selling a Hoarder House: Everything You Need to Know in 2021

You may have seen them on TV, know a relative that lives in one, or even have one down the block — we’re talking about hoarder houses.

What exactly is a hoarder house? And if you happen to have inherited responsibility for one, you might be wondering if you can sell a hoarder house.

Let’s start with a definition. A hoarder home is a house that has been lived in and often destroyed by a person with hoarding disorder, which is a diagnosable mental condition according to the American Psychiatric Association‘s latest edition of the DSM.

That’s the manual that mental health professionals use to diagnose mental disorders.

Hoarding is a perceived need to acquire, and not get rid of, endless amounts of things. A person with this condition may feel extreme stress when someone even suggests getting rid of something, even if that something is trash in the eyes of others.

This can result in some very unsanitary and unsafe conditions.

According to the Mayo Clinic, hoarding often leads to “such cramped living conditions that homes may be filled to capacity, with only narrow pathways winding through stacks of clutter…

Hoarding ranges from mild to severe… People with hoarding disorder may not see it as a problem, making treatment challenging.”

These individuals often live in this environment for years, and when they pass away or move into a home, they may leave their home to family members.

On top of the sorrow of losing a loved one, these involuntary homeowners are now stuck with figuring out how to either clean and use the home or sell it.

With so much stuff, selling a hoarder house feels daunting to the point of impossible.

sell hoarder house

Should You Try to Sell a Hoarder House?

So you’ve taken ownership of the home. Now what?

Hoarding situations are always complicated. If you want to get what the home is worth on the open market, you must fix everything and turn this ugly duckling into a swan. That’s what prospective homebuyers expect.

That not only takes extra time. To get the entire house in market-ready order may take a lot of money.

The condition of a hoarder home often comes about from years of neglect and will need a lot more than a fresh coat of paint. Some common scenarios when repairing and selling hoarder houses include:

Structural problems

Dead animals

Rotten walls and floorboards

Biological waste (animal, and sometimes human)

Major problems everywhere

Extreme cleaning crew and heavy-duty cleaning equipment needed

HAZMAT protective clothing for dangerous chemicals or infectious disease

Pest control

Heavy odors that completely permeate surfaces. Walls, ceilings, floors, counters–all may have to be removed.

That’s so much work beyond a normal home that may just need paint and necessary repairs. It’s a full-time project.

You might want to hire a trustworthy contractor who can organize a crew for clean-up, interior demolition, and repair when selling hoarder houses.

What Does It Cost to Clean-up a Hoarder Home?

This can vary greatly and can depend on where you live and the extent of the damage. The costs may be higher in San Francisco versus Nashville, Philidelphia, Atlanta, or Houston, for example, since the cost of living is different.

According to FIXr.com, the national average for mild hoarding cleanup is $3000-$5000 for a 2000 square foot home, or roughly $1000/day for larger projects.

But they note that if there are human wastes, hazardous materials, and other extreme cleanups, the same space could be upwards of $25,000.

FIXr breaks down some of these costs. Warning, some of these will be hard to read, but it’s important to understand where these added costs may come from.

Animal feces removal – $25/bag, which may include walls and flooring that have to come out because waste has been sitting on them.

Biohazard – Up to $600/hour. If the person had a contagious disease, for example, COVID, this would be on top of other costs. You would not want to let someone go into clean up without telling them about problems you are aware of.

Crime scene cleanup – $600/hour

Unattended death from natural causes varies, depending on how long it took to claim the individual from the home

Sewage backup – $10,000

That doesn’t include making the home sell-ready. That’s just getting the personal items and trash out so that they can clean as much as possible.

There is no telling what they find when they start pulling things out to the dumpster. Once the place is clean, expensive home repairs may await you. These costs can vary widely, depending on what they find under the hoarding.

And the cleanup may extend into the yard, making this an even bigger project.

So selling a hoarder house it the old-fashioned way may not be your best option with these homes.

Do Real Estate Agents Specialize in Selling Hoarder Homes?

Most real estate agents will be at a loss with what you do to help a family sell a hoarding house. Just like you, they don’t want to take on the work required to fix up and sell a hoarder’s house.

Real estate professionals are not typically equipped to handle this.

Generally, when you work with a real estate agent, you’re asking them to list your home on the open market. You would only want to do that if you chose to clean and repair it to get it market-ready.

But what if you chose to work with a real estate agent without fixing it up? Could you sell a hoarder house as-is on the open market? It’s not impossible if you take really good pictures inside.

We understand that this home’s condition is possibly the result of a mental or physical health condition. But you may or may not feel comfortable showing the world the extent of it.

However, what you need to consider is the fact that this is not discreet for your loved one or your family. These pictures will be public. They will show the living conditions of your loved one.

On top of that, finding prospective buyers when selling a hoarding house will be no easy task.

Generally, in these circumstances, you will only get offers from real estate investors, not a family that wants to fix it up and live in it. Selling to real estate investors is an entirely different type of home sale than what you might be used to.

Where Do You Find Potential Buyers?

That’s what we are here for! Instead of searching for buyers willing to work with hoarded conditions, sell directly to us. We are sensitive to the situations family members find themselves in when selling hoarder homes.

We buy any home as-is. Our licensed real estate agents can complete a virtual or in-person walkthrough and often make you a fair cash offer the same day.

Skip the cleanup and the repairs. Avoid unexpected costs once you begin trying to dig through personal items. Don’t waste time on what may end up being a money pit.

We can close in as little as 7 days, and you can move on from this difficult situation at least as far selling the hoarder house is concerned. You can sell your home with confidence when you sell to a trusted national company like us.

If you find yourself in this situation, we encourage you to reach out to us to schedule a walkthrough today.

Florida map

Best places to buy house in Florida 2021

The 10 Best Places To Buy A House In Florida For 2021Using science and data, we can tell you which places in Florida have seen home prices rising and people flocking over the past year.

Editor’s note: This is not investment advice and we are not financial advisers. Article updated for 2021.

Article Table Of Contents

10 Best Cities To Buy A Home In Florida

Detailed Top Ten Cities

How We Calculated The Ranking

Ranking Table

There’s a the age old question everyone thinks about when they decide to move to a city in Florida:

Should I buy a place or rent? Well, we aren’t here today to solve that problem for you exactly. We are just assuming you’ll do the right thing and a buy a place. And while we are happy to tell you the best place to live in Florida, this analysis is going to tackle the question of the best place to buy a house as an investor. That is we are going to try and determine the up and coming cities in the Sunshine State.

To do that we are going to look at places in Florida that are growing faster than average, but where home prices are below average. In every day terms, the “deals”. The best deal in Florida at the moment? That would be Flagler Beach according to our analysis.

Here’s a look at the top ten places to buy a home in Florida for 2021.

The 10 Best Places To Buy A Home In Florida For 2021

  1. Flagler Beach
  2. South Pasadena
  3. LaBelle
  4. Kenneth City
  5. Valparaiso
  6. South Bay
  7. Starke
  8. Fellsmere
  9. Okeechobee
  10. Surfside

The 10 Best Cities To Buy A House In Florida For 2021

  1. Flagler Beach

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 5,002
Median Home Price: $304,600
Population Change: 1.1%
Home Price Change: 16.8%
More on Flagler Beach: Homes For Sale | Data

  1. South Pasadena

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 5,088
Median Home Price: $175,700
Population Change: 0.3%
Home Price Change: 4.8%
More on South Pasadena: Homes For Sale | Data

  1. Labelle

Source: Wikipedia User Ebyabe | CC BY-SA 3.0

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 5,106
Median Home Price: $95,300
Population Change: 0.6%
Home Price Change: 23.0%
More on Labelle: Photos | Homes For Sale | Data

  1. Kenneth City

Source: Public Domain

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 5,127
Median Home Price: $152,800
Population Change: 2.2%
Home Price Change: 5.2%
More on Kenneth City: Homes For Sale | Data

  1. Valparaiso

Source: Wikipedia User Skye Marthaler | CC BY-SA 4.0

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 5,145
Median Home Price: $224,800
Population Change: 2.2%
Home Price Change: 5.5%
More on Valparaiso: Photos | Homes For Sale | Data

  1. South Bay

Source: Wikipedia User Ebyabe | GFDL

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 5,158
Median Home Price: $83,100
Population Change: 0.8%
Home Price Change: 1.1%
More on South Bay: Photos | Homes For Sale | Data

  1. Starke

Source: Wikipedia User Michael Rivera | CC BY-SA 4.0

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 5,393
Median Home Price: $97,900
Population Change: 0.3%
Home Price Change: 13.3%
More on Starke: Homes For Sale | Data

  1. Fellsmere

Source: Wikipedia User Ebyabe | GFDL

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 5,625
Median Home Price: $108,500
Population Change: -0.1%
Home Price Change: 8.4%
More on Fellsmere: Photos | Homes For Sale | Data

  1. Okeechobee

Source: Wikipedia User No machine-readable autho | GFDL

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 5,724
Median Home Price: $113,700
Population Change: 1.5%
Home Price Change: 4.1%
More on Okeechobee: Photos | Homes For Sale | Data

  1. Surfside

Source: Wikipedia User | GFDL

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 5,725
Median Home Price: $625,500
Population Change: -1.6%
Home Price Change: 7.5%
More on Surfside: Photos | Homes For Sale | Data

How do you determine the best places to buy a home in Florida for 2021?

We were in real estate for almost five years and have been working on this site for another three. Suffice is to say, we’ve put a lot of thought into what goes into finding a good place to buy a home.

So all that thinking has come to this moment where we get to spell out how we’d approach finding an up-and-coming place to live in Florida. Put differently, the analysis will try to find places in Florida with undervalued homes relative to pent up demand.

Best Places To Raise A Family In Florida

To do that we looked at the most recent American Community Survey Census data for 2015-2019 and compared it to the previous vintage (2012-2016). Specifically, we used the following criteria:

  • Y-o-Y Change In Population (People want to live here)
  • Y-o-Y Change In Median Home Prices (People are willing to pay for it)
  • Home Prices Relative To The State Average (It’s still kinda cheap)

We want places that are growing, have seen home prices increase in recent years, and are still “cheap” for Florida with the following caveats:

So of the 0 cities and towns in Florida, only 220 places made it through our initial filters to even be considered.

We then ranked each place from 1 to 220 for the criteria mentioned above with 1 being the best for that criteria. We averaged the rankings to create a “best place to buy” index with the place having the lowest index being the best. You can download the data here.

Turns out that Flagler Beach is the best potential gem in the not-so-rough in the Sunshine State.

Read on for more on these places.

There You Have It – The Best Places To Purchase A House In Florida for 2021

There’s our analysis of the best places to buy a house in Florida. And, to be clear, we aren’t necessarily saying these places are the best places to live, just that it looks like they might be in a couple of years based on the data.

In fact, every place in the following table meets our criteria, so even though it may not look super long, remember we started off with all 0 places in the state.

So if we’d could rent or buy in these cities, we’d definitely buy.

For more Florida reading, check out:

Detailed List Of The Best Places To Buy A Home In Florida

CityRankMedian Home PricePopulation ChangeHome Price Increase
Flagler Beach1$304,6001.1%16.8%
South Pasadena2$175,7000.3%4.8%
Kenneth City4$152,8002.2%5.2%
South Bay6$83,1000.8%1.1%
Lake Alfred12$142,7004.0%22.1%
Bay Harbor Islands13$362,300-1.3%-7.1%
High Springs15$167,8001.8%8.4%
Fort Meade17$77,9001.5%4.1%
Defuniak Springs19$121,7003.5%-6.9%
Gulf Breeze20$371,6002.6%9.3%
Pembroke Park23$84,4000.8%-0.1%
Treasure Island25$382,2000.2%0.6%
Live Oak26$110,6000.0%24.7%
St. Augustine Beach29$415,4000.7%6.5%
Belle Isle30$321,7002.1%2.8%
Fort Myers Beach31$448,1001.2%12.8%
Neptune Beach32$401,0000.3%5.1%
Dade City33$106,3002.2%11.8%
Longboat Key35$740,5000.7%2.7%
West Miami39$335,8005.6%10.5%
Fruitland Park40$228,20018.9%27.6%
Southwest Ranches41$641,8000.5%2.2%
Green Cove Springs42$189,5003.7%19.1%
North Bay Village44$331,500-0.5%13.0%
Indian Harbour Beach46$296,6000.8%9.9%
Lake Park47$201,4000.0%16.3%
Palm Beach49$1,177,1000.6%2.4%
Orange Park50$180,8000.6%8.4%
St. Pete Beach52$462,5000.2%11.2%
Cape Canaveral56$244,9001.0%8.2%
Miami Shores58$558,700-2.0%9.1%
Avon Park59$70,3000.7%2.8%
Satellite Beach60$300,2001.4%10.2%
Lighthouse Point61$538,7000.8%2.0%
Cocoa Beach63$318,0000.7%3.9%
Florida City65$153,100-1.4%6.8%
Orange City66$116,6004.7%16.3%
South Miami67$569,300-1.3%7.7%
Lake City68$106,8000.7%-3.3%
Holly Hill69$105,6000.9%9.1%
Fernandina Beach71$333,9002.5%5.5%
Wilton Manors72$326,6000.8%2.4%
Panama City Beach73$243,3000.5%6.1%
South Daytona74$146,8001.1%18.1%
Key Biscayne75$1,211,000-1.1%-0.6%
North Palm Beach76$328,1001.0%10.6%
Atlantic Beach77$362,3001.3%2.5%
Mount Dora81$244,1002.0%0.5%
Miami Springs82$410,400-1.6%6.0%
St. Augustine83$271,0002.1%3.9%
West Park87$174,8000.6%7.4%
Lady Lake89$146,3002.0%5.8%
Lake Wales92$167,4001.9%14.0%
New Port Richey95$87,5001.7%13.8%
Lake Mary96$320,1002.1%8.1%
Vero Beach98$259,8001.8%1.4%
Safety Harbor100$268,8000.8%8.8%

Want to sell your house to a fast home buyer?

Here’s all you need to know?

You have a home to sell. Great! This can be an exciting moment, and you’re looking to cash out an amazing amount of money. But while you’re thinking about that, there are also people looking to cash out on you.

Selling your home through the *traditional process* (link to How to Sell Your House in Florida) of getting a real estate agent to do it for you can be a safe approach. You know your home sale is in the hands of a professional, and every legal requirement will be duly noted. You have the assurance that everything will go smoothly and you would not be in trouble.

But while that seems the safest way to sell your house, it’s complicated and downright slow. You may wait 3-4 months to sell your house. And if you need the money fast, then you have to choose the quickest way; getting a fast home buyer!

Fast Home Buyers

A fast home buyer or fast-cash buyer is someone or a company that is ready to buy your house for cash fast. When you put out an ad stating your desire to sell your home to a house cash buyer, you’re likely to receive a considerable amount of traffic. But you should be wary.

Not all who offer to buy your house for cash are certified house buying companies. Many capitalize on your desperation to sell fast. They know you need the money urgently, or else you wouldn’t be trying to sell your house fast. As a result, some would either give you an offer that’s well below your property’s worth or even try to scam you.

This is why you need to check out any company that reaches out to you with an interest to buy your house for cash. The company—also known as We Buy Houses—should be government-certified to operate in your locality. Ensure the company is legit before making a deal with them.

How Fast Home Buying Companies operate

1. Then don’t expect you to clean up or repair the property

With a fast home buyer, you are not required to make any repairs to the property. You sell the house in whatever condition it is, and they make an offer according to its market price.

2. You pay no commission

In a traditional home sale, you, being the seller, have to settle some commissions, including Realtor’s fee, which can reach up to 6% of the house price.

But most house buying companies will foot every commission themselves, including the closing costs. This enables you to get the most value for your sale.

3. You don’t get to pay for title insurance policy

In a traditional setting, you would be the one to purchase title insurance to protect the new owner. But cash for home companies usually foot this bill themselves.

4. Fast home buying companies typically buy any house, no matter the condition

In Florida and many other States, house buying companies usually buy any and every house available for sale. So if you’re in any of the situations below, you have a chance to get a cash offer for your house:

  • You inherited the house
  • Your listing has expired
  • You’ve gone bankrupt
  • The home is damaged
  • The home is in probate
  • It’s in foreclosure

5. The deal is fast

When you contact a fast home buyer, they can give you a cash offer within 24 hours of checking the house, and closing can take place within a week as you so desire.

6. You choose the closing date and when to move out

One advantage of selling to a fast-cash home buying company is they give you the freedom to choose the closing date according to your convenience. They understand that why you may be in haste to cash out, you may not be ready to move out immediately. Hence, they also allow you to vacate the property only when it’s convenient for you.

Warning signs When Dealing with A Fast Home Buyer

When you’re selling a home in the traditional process, you do not pay any fee until the end of the transaction. So if your fast home buyer is asking you for an upfront commission, you should be wary. It may just be a scam.

Furthermore, if you notice they are trying to push you to sign quickly, they may have an ulterior motive.

Get peace of mind by selling to a reputable house cash buyer

To be on the safe side, only sell your house to a government-approved fast home buyer.

Fast home buyers near me Florida

Are you looking for a fast home buyer in Florida? Contact us today to sell your house fast with peace of mind.


Weintraub, E. (2021). ‘The Real Deal on Cash Buyers for Houses?’, The Balance, 03 January. Available at: https://www.thebalance.com/we-buy-houses-for-cash-is-it-for-real-1799045 (Accessed: 20 January 2021).

Legal Requirements to Sell Your House in Florida

Selling a house is a big deal with so many legalities involved. The laws, charges, and documents required in Florida vary with other states. From the contract form to the closing, this blog post concisely explains the legal requirements you need to sell a house in Florida.


Most sellers and realtors use either the Florida Realtors’ form FR or the Florida Bar form. These forms spell out whether you are selling As Is or not.

The rights and obligations of both parties in an As Is contract differ from those of a Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase. In the former, you do not have to pay a commission for repairs. In the latter, you would have to negotiate cost of repairs if you have not made them.


  • Personal property: In the contract, you may agree to include some personal property in the sale such as furniture, etc.
  • Amount: This is how much the buyer is supposed to pay, be it installmentally or wholly. Ensure that the amount on paper corresponds with your calculations.
  • Financing contingency: It may be that the contract requires the buyer to be approved for financing before they can purchase the house. If this is so, ensure that they get the approval before selling. If there is no financing contingency, then it’s legal for the buyer to proceed to closing whenever they desire.
  • Repairs: If you are not selling as is, then you may have to make repairs. Your contract must specify a time limit for the buyer to point out issues which need fixing. And you should make negotiation on how long you would need for such repairs. If you can’t make such repairs, ensure you cancel the transaction before the timeline as provided in the contract. If you do not cancel on time, you would have to complete the repairs.


If you want to sell a house in Florida, it’s your legal duty to disclose any defect the building has to your knowledge.


Title insurance is what protects home buyers and lenders from financial loss due to a defective title or past lawsuit against the property. As the seller, it’s your obligation to purchase an Owner’s Title Insurance to protect the buyer. This will give them assurance that even though the house you sold for them has problems with the law prior to their ownership, they would not be held liable.


Real estate is just like most other businesses. You have to spend money before you can have a product or service to sell.

Some things you may have to pay for include:

  • Title insurance
  • Cost of repairs
  • Government costs.  You must pay municipal costs for recording fees, etc.
  • Title company charges
  • Attorney fees
  • Realtor commission (up to 6% of the total home sale)


If you need to sell your house fast, why wait months when you can get a house cash offer within 24 hours? We buy any house in Florida as is. You don’t have to worry about repairs, hiring a real estate agent, listing your home, or paying closing costs.

Save yourself the costs and hassle by contacting us today.

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How to Prepare for A House Showing

Now that you’re looking to sell your house is the time to put it at its best. No, it doesn’t mean you have to furnish or decorate it to attract prospective home buyers. In fact, that’s way far from it.

Your house showing event is where you invite people to come have a look at your house if it appeals to them. And for it to appeal to them, they need to be able to envision it as their home. Preparing your house, therefore, involves a lot of cleaning. But that’s not all.



The first impression the buyer has of your house will greatly influence their decision. As they approach your home, they need to see the exterior at its best. A home looks far better when a beautiful environment surrounds it.

So be sure to mow the lawn, shovel the driveway, trim the flowers and shrubs; just make your curb look great.


Now they have to get inside. You want to make sure the entire home looks neat, but this is not all about cleaning the floors, furniture, and ceilings. Check overlooked areas like the window sill, kitchen countertops, toilet, and fireplace. Ensure everything is sparkling clean. Also empty the trashcan.


Remember that too many objects in the room make it much smaller than it actually is. So you wouldn’t want to leave any odd items littering the place. Be sure to pick out shoes, unused blankets, and any other material lying oddly and store them away.


You won’t be present during your house showing, so the prospective buyer has 100% freedom to check wherever they like. And one place they go to is your closet. They want to know if there’s enough space for them to store their things up. So if you’re tempted to throw away clutter into your closet, that’s a temptation from the devil himself.

Neatly arrange all the shoes and whatever you keep in your closet so that there’s more than enough room. If the closet is filled up, the viewer can’t see the available space, and it gives a wrong impression that the place is smaller than it really is.


Now, kitchens and toilets are some of the first two places prospective buyers check out when they arrive. They want to know if the place is spacious, functional, and clean. So it’s essential you take special care in cleaning and decluttering these parts.

Arrange all kitchen utensils neatly, and scrub the sink to remove every stain and oil. These places are usually very dirty.

Your refrigerator’s body should be clear of stickers. The vanity should also be sparkling and free of clutter. As to your bathroom, ensure the tub or shower sparkles as well and the linen in the closet is well arranged. No one wants to go into an untidy home.


The smell of your home can turn on or set off your prospect. If it smells bad because of the food you just finished cooking, they don’t want to know if the smell is temporary. They just wouldn’t picture themselves living in such a place. Hence, you have to use the right deodorant that’s pleasant to virtually everyone.


I’ll emphasize again: one important tactic on how to sell your house (link to the blog “how to sell your house in Florida) is to enable your prospective buyer to envision the home as theirs. So you should take out your personal stuff like family photographs and artwork from the walls and cupboard.


The best way to understand how someone feels is to step into their shoes. After making all the preparation, walk around your home as if you were the buyer. Check each nook and cranny and see if anything is out of place. If something looks bad to you, it most likely will look bad to the buyer. So you have to make corrections and go over it again. It’s so worth it in the long run.


You can avoid all the hassle of house showings by contacting a We Buy Houses company near you. They will give you a cash offer without you preparing for any house showing or repairs. They save your time and energy.

If you wish to sell your house fast in Florida, contact us today. We buy any house in Florida as-is. Call us to get a cash offer within 24 hours.

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How To Choose The Right House Cash Buyer

Choosing the right house cash buyer (or house for cash company) is a big deal. You’re looking for the easy way out to sell your home, and some buyers are looking to take advantage of your desperation.

It’s therefore important that you discern what offer is right for you and what’s not.



If their house cash offer is as if they’re pricing a one-room apartment, then you shouldn’t take them seriously. The home buyer is possibly trying to take advantage of how desperate you need to sell your house fast.  You’re desperate to get the money quickly, yes, but that doesn’t mean you should sell your home for far less than it’s worth. It’s real estate, for crying out loud.  It’s your home, and It’s a big deal.

A good house cash buyer should be out to help out home sellers in sticky situations, not take advantage of them. That is why at Best House Buyer Florida, your best interests are always at the heart of our business.


One reason, and probably the most common, why you’re looking for a house cash buyer is because you want to avoid the stress of the house selling process (link to how to sell your house). That includes the stress of repairing and cleaning your home. If your house cash buyer is asking you to carry out repairs or cleaning, then you should go your way. Chances are that they wouldn’t upscale their offer after the cleaning. They just want to do less work. A typical We Buy Houses company will buy your house as-is.


A typical house cash buyer buys your property and pays for all *commissions, title insurance, and closing costs* (link to the blog: Legal Requirements). You pay virtually for nothing, as opposed to a *traditional home sale* (link to how to sell your house in Florida).  But as it is with every other business, there are exceptions.

Some home buyers will come to you and ask you to pay processing and administrative fees upfront. You should run before it’s too late. They will keep cashing out on you till the deal closes, and then you would be at a loss.


You don’t want an undergraduate medical student doing surgery on you, do you? So you need to check if your buyer has experience in real estate. It doesn’t matter if they’re a start-up company. What matters is if the founder and the team collectively have substantial experience in the field. It’s advisable to check their rating and reviews on Google.


A fast home buying process should be just that—fast! So if your house cash buyer is telling you about different chains of the process and days of paperwork to file, you shouldn’t call them a fast home buyer at all. Better to call them a real estate agent. The process should be quite fast and straightforward since this is why you called them in the first place.


You should note down any weirdness in your fast home buyer’s offer and operation. If they’re inconsistent, dishonest, or vague, you should be wary. Chances are that they’re not being very honest. Such a risk isn’t worth taking.


If you’re looking for a trusted and competent house cash buyer in Florida, we are here to help.

At Best House Buyer Florida, your best interest is our priority, and we look to make the process as easy and transparent as possible.

Contact us today to sell your house fast in Florida.

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Who is a house cash buyer?

A house cash buyer is someone or any company that is ready to buy your house instantly for cash. When your buyer has to apply for a mortgage before they can purchase your house, it can make the process much slower than when they have the cash ready at the time of making the offer.

How do I get a house cash buyer in Florida?

When you’re looking to sell your house fast, you most certainly desire to get the cash as soon as possible. Or unfortunately your house is unmortgagable due to structural damage. So it’s essential that when putting your house on the market, you should include the “house cash buyer only” notice in your sign post. This will tell prospects exactly the kind of buyer you’re looking for.

But in most cities like Florida, most individuals do not buy houses for cash due to the high cost. But there are a handful of We Buy Houses companies that you can sell your house to and get a cash offer almost instantly.

Get a cash offer within 24 hours

If you’re looking for a house cash buyer in Florida, kindly contact us today. At Best House Buyer, we seek to take the house selling stress off you by buying your house for cash as-is. Contact us now to get a house cash offer within 24 hours.

Benefits of selling your home to a house cash buyer

The following are some reasons why you should consider selling your property to a house cash buyer.

1. You sell your house fast.

It is pretty obvious that when you deal with a house cash buyer, the process of selling your house becomes much quicker. You don’t have to wait until they apply for mortgage. Mortgage application can take up to a month before the company replies, and their replies are not always positive.

2. There are fewer tendencies for problems along the way.

Your buyer may be desperate to buy the house. But the mortgage company may not be willing to offer them the loan. The house selling process has several chains and each chain poses a threat to the deal. A study by HomeOwners Alliance shows that 20% of failed home sales resulted from an issue at a certain point in the chain. With a house cash buyer, the process is more direct.

3. You avoid a lot of stress.

When you deal with a We Buy Houses company, you don’t have to worry about implementing repairs and house opening events.

4. You save cost.

Home repairs are expensive, not to mention paying your real estate agent for planning and managing the showings. With a We Buy Houses company, you don’t have to go through all of that.

5. You get your money quickly.

This probably is the most important thing for you. Possibly you desire the money to purchase another property or embark on some other project. When you get a house cash buyer, you get your cash fast to do execute your plans.

We Buy Houses company near me Florida

Are you searching for a We buy Houses Company to sell your house to? We are just a phone call away.

At Best Buy Houses Florida, we care about your time and convenience. You no longer have to carry out house opening events, pay to put your property on listings, hire a realtor to find you a buyer, and wait for ages to get one that’s ready.

On contacting us, we would come over to check out your home and give you a cash offer for its market value.

We buy the house as-is without you worrying about repairs. We also pay the closing costs to save you money. Our profit as a business comes from updating the house and selling after we have successfully closed your deal.

Contact us today to sell your house fast in Florida.

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Best Time to Sell Your House in Florida 2021

Best Time to Sell Your House in Florida 2021

When you ask, “When is the best time to sell your house?” there are several things you could mean. You could mean it in terms of how much profit you’ll get, how easy it will be, or how long it will take. So in this article, we are going to look at the best times, as well as the worst, to sell your house in Florida by cost, ease, and time.

Best day to put your house on the market

According to a study by Redfin, a real estate brokerage, houses put on listings on Thursdays sold faster than any other day of the week.  We can easily attribute this to the fact that people are more likely to check out a house on sale during the weekends. As you could easily guess, those listed on Sundays (which is the worst)  didn’t do so well, taking an average of 5 days more to get a buyer.

Best time to sell your house for the highest price in Florida

The best month to get the most value for your property in Florida is December. The median sales price for this month is $266,000, which is $8,667 more than the annual median price. By annual trends, property value typically goes up towards the year’s end because market activity, including real estate, drops during the winter. Since buyers during such a time would be pretty serious, prices skyrocket. This would be your time to make the most cash; but just as prices are high, buyer availability drops.

Best time to sell your house fast in Florida

There are so many factors that determine how long it will take to sell your house in Florida. You have to consider your agent’s listing strategy (if you’re working with one), your home condition, etc. But interestingly, there is a noticeable trend showing certain times in a year when home sales are fast and slow in Florida. Data from another Redfin study shows that the best month to sell a house fast in Florida is November. In this month, the average duration for your house to stay in the market is 51 days. This is four days faster than the annual average of 55 days.

What if I want to sell my house fast, and it’s not November yet?

For many reasons known best to you, you may need to sell your house quickly for cash. Then it becomes necessary you look for a We Buy Houses Company near you. A We Buy Houses company can save you the stress of trying to sell your house for a good price. You don’t have to put your house on any listing, carry out repairs, or negotiate with realtors. All you need to do is contact the company, and they will come to check out your house and present you with a house cash offer. They’ll buy the house as-is, and you get your money to do whatever you want to use it for. All the burden of looking for a buyer and conducting house showings goes just like that.

We Buy Houses Company near me Florida

Looking for a fast home buyer in Florida? We’re just a call away. At Best House Buyer, we buy any house in Florida fast and easy, ensuring you get great value without stress. We can complete the deal within a day. You pay no closing costs, no commission, and effect no repairs; we buy as-is. Contact us today to sell your house quickly and hassle-free. You pay no closing costs, no commission, and effect no repairs; we buy as-is.

Contact us today to sell your house with best offer cash.

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Sell Your House

How to Sell Your House in Florida


Selling a house can be a complex affair. To you, all you probably want is to sell and get the most out of your sale. On the other hand, buyers want to get the best value for money; hence, they would be looking out for the best home at the cheapest price. Not only that, but they want the process to be legally safe as real estate business is a big deal. It becomes important that you follow some due process so that you’re not on the losing side. In this blog post, you will get insight into some useful tips on how to sell your house in Florida.

1.     Hire a Florida realtor

Approximately 90% of home sellers hire real estate agents to help out with their home sale.  Having experienced hands on deck brings speed and efficiency to the table. A good Florida real estate agent can help set an appropriate price, tell you how best to update your home to increase its value, hold showings, and negotiate with buyers and closing agents on your behalf. Going it all alone can be extremely stressful for you.

2.     Set an appropriate price

If you want to sell fast, you may want to sell at a lower price. But then you’d be losing. On the other hand, an overpriced house will scare prospective buyers away. Homebuyers usually research the market price of the kind of house they need, so you would have to do your own research to not overprice or underprice your home.

3.     Know when to sell

If you’re putting your house on a listing such as Zillow, then it’s best to do that on Thursdays* (hyperlink the blog “best time to sell a house in 2021). That is because home buyers tend to check out homes on weekends, so you have a better chance to show up when they come looking. Yearly, the best time to sell your house in November and December (hyperlink the same blog).

4.     Acknowledge that it’s no longer your home

You don’t want a prospective buyer to come and see your home with all the clutter and family photographs. No, you want them to see a house ready for them to move into. So take your emotions out and take those things away.

5.     Improve the value by making repairs

Faulty sinks are only going to reduce the price of your home. You want your buyer to be wowed at how fresh and functional the home is so that they’re ready to pay whatever you tell them (this rarely happens, but it sure helps).

6.     Make a deep clean by hiring a professional cleaner

There are some areas difficult for you to clean, such as baseboards, ceiling corners, toilet, and kitchen. And how good every part of your home looks matters a great deal, especially kitchens and toilets. Many buyers rush to check them out immediately after they arrive for the showing. You will find the cleaning fee pay so worth it later.

7.     Prepare for the showing

Now, for the serious part. The showing is your chance to advertise your home to an audience, to make them imagine themselves living in the property. So it is crucial you prepare for and conduct an open house event that speaks to their deep emotions. If a professional realtor is doing this for you, then all the better. Take to their advice and remove clutter. It’s advisable to leave the rooms empty since objects may make spaces seem smaller.

For the legal requirements to sell a house in Florida, check out this blog post* (hyperlink “legal requirements to sell a house in Florida.)

Want to sell your house for cash fast? Get a Fast Home offer

If you need to sell your house fast, why wait months when you can get a house cash offer within 24 hours? Save yourself the costs and hassle of repairs, showings, and cleaning by contacting us today. We buy any house in Florida as-is.

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Sell Your House Fast in Florida

Are you looking to sell your house fast in Florida?

Are you looking to sell your house fast in Florida? Then you probably already know how complex the process can be. You first have to make repairs to make the home marketable, put it on different listings such as FSBO, and when you, at last, find a buyer, you have to perform showings, pay for and go through a possibly lengthy closing. All this can be a horrible nightmare for you. It’s almost impossible to sell your house for cash quickly in Florida. Emphasis on “almost”. With Best House Buyer Florida, you can sell your house fast and get your cash as soon as possible.

We Buy Houses for Cash quickly in Florida

If you’re looking for fast home buyers in Florida, simply put a call through to us today. At Best House Buyer, we buy houses for cash throughout Florida. We make the process lightning quick and super easy for you by eliminating all the *processes involved in selling a home (hyperlink processes to the blog “how to sell your home in Florida.) No matter the condition of your property, you do not have to worry about effecting repairs and waiting for ages for a buyer. We would come over, inspect the home, and give you a cash offer as-is. No worries about showings, getting a realtor, or closing costs. We buy your house, and you receive your cash almost instantly. You don’t have to worry about closing costs as we’re the one to settle it. Best House Buyer takes all the burden off you.

With Best House Buyer:

  • You skip the showings
  • Avoid the headache of making repairs
  • No need for you to hire or pay a realtor
  • Move out at your own time
  • Our closing date is flexible according to your schedule. You can close at anytime
  • We pay all closing costs
  • Fast and smooth closing
  • No double mortgage or housing overlap
  • Get a free cash offer in less than 24 hours.

Why you should seize the opportunity to sell your house quickly

  • According to Kristen Klempert, the time it will take you to sell your Florida home in 2021 is approximately 114 days; this translates to about 79 days to get an offer and then the typical 35-days closing period. If you’re not ready to wait such a long time, then you need to get a house cash buyer now.
  • The cost of buying a house is on the increase. According to Zillow, real estate values increased by 2.65 % in 2019 and are still on the rise. The more the prices increase, the more difficult it becomes for people to buy. So if you’re looking to put your house on a listing in 2021, you may have to wait quite a while.
  • You need the cash urgently. If you need the money urgently for a business or other projects, then waiting for months can be deterring. So why not make it happen today?
Our cash offer will be your house’s projected market value after we have done all the necessary repairs. Obviously, we are a business, and we run on profits, no matter how minimal. However, you are paying no commission on the repairs. That is entirely on our part. Once you sell your property and receive your money, you have nothing else to worry about. You can move into your new home and enjoy it with peace of mind—and money in the bank. Contact us now to sell your house fast and easy. buy houses | sell house | we buy houses | sell my house | sell my house fast | we buy any house | sell house fast | house cash offer | house cash buyer | sell my house quickly | sell my house for cash | home cash offer | fast home buyers | sell houses | Sell your house | Sell your house fast and cash
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